What’s Frock Magazine?

Frock is a free, award winning, glossy bi-monthly, digital magazine that's aimed squarely at the transgender and drag communities. That's right, it doesn't cost you a bean. There is a small charge for our mobile app version for smartphones, tablets and Kindles (available from your App Store of Google Play) but this desktop version costs nothing, nada, zip.
Frock is full of drag and transgender-related articles, features and stories which will be of interest to transsexuals, crossdressers, drag queens and transvestites and intersexed people everywhere, and it's completely free!
Here's how it works...
The current desktop issue of Frock is always FREE, FREE, FREE but previous issues also remain available in our archive, for which we charge a small annual fee. There are currently at least 31 issues of Frock in the archive and we publish another six every year so sign up now by clicking here and read them all.
Oh, and did we mention that the current desktop issue of Frock is FREEEE? What's not to like!

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