Frock 036

Frock 036

It's a new year and a new issue of Frock. While most people were recently having a visit from Santa, we were having an audience with Oscar winning actor, Eddie Redmayne, who stars as a lady called Lili in his latest movie, The Danish Girl. It was quite a thrill for Katie to be given the chance to ask him a few questions and our roving reporter, Lucy, got to go to the Premiere! How cool is that? It's all inside this issue.

Alaska has come up with some great All Year Resolutions and we take you on a drag road-trip across America in pictures.

And wait till you see Sister Tom - a guy who's been forced to live permanently as the sister of his former girlfriend. His male clothes are gone for good and he can now only wear female attire as he tackles the housework and other domestic chores.

There's heaps more too, in this New Year issue of Frock, your Trans and Drag Mag!

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