Frock 033

Frock 033

The new 92 page issue of Frock Magazine for June & July 2015 is out and proud! Miss Melody Lucas adorns the cover and several pages inside. Drag Race star, Alaska is back again but this time as a columnist, proving she's not just a pretty face. Transgender Trucker Roxann shows us her rig and Nashville Transman, Brody Ray is this issue's Frock 'n' Roller.

Dominique Belle from Vancouver has come up with a brilliant trans invention which will help those of us with less hair than we'd like, Beckie Fox tells us all about Sparkle, the UK's largest annual trans gathering and Chicago girl Randi Lee Richards drapes herself all over our Frock Chick section. And we're offering a $50 gift certificate if you can find a picture of Twinkie The Kid which we've hidden on one of our pages. Yes, juvenile I know but we've got to get our kicks somehow.

There's heaps and heaps more in this bumper 6th Birthday issue. Get yours now!

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