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The Amazing Photography of Thomas Evans

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Thomas Evans

My name is Thomas Evans and I’m a New York City photographer and co-creator of the international HIV Equal campaign. Photography is my passion and is my gift. I believe that a photo can be just as important in a person’s life as a memory. A photo helps a memory live forever.

I was born in Westchester, NY and now reside in Manhattan as the proud father of two kittens who are my favorite models. They are always willing to go nude for little pay.

When I reflect on my work I realize that the lines between masculine and feminine energy were blurred for me as a gay child. Let’s just say, I played with dolls while wearing cowboy boots. True story. I was ten years old and it was the 1980s. I had long shaggy brown hair; think Heather Locklear from TJ Hooker. I remember my mom taking me to work with her on her highway coffee truck overlooking a construction site. The workers were the best customers. I sat in the truck’s passenger seat and was awed by the all the hyper masculine men. One walked up to place his order, eyed me in the passenger seat and said, “Aren’t you a pretty girl.” I was shocked silent. I didn’t correct him. I was both embarrassed and in awe of my power.

In school I was bullied. Thinking they were cute, guys would come up to me and ask, “Are you a boy or a girl?” just to be mean. Unconsciously I was playing with gender just by being myself, I guess.

Now let’s skip ahead 15 years. I found myself on the opposite extreme of the gender spectrum. The dolls were done and I wanted to be a modern day GI Joe. I came out in my 20’s and observed hyper masculine gay men around me getting attention.

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Frankly Kellie Maloney

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Kellie Maloney

Frankly Kellie Maloney

From public battles inside the boxing ring to far more personal conflicts inside the home, Kellie takes on a journey that realizes her deepest childhood dreams.

Frankly Kellie: Becoming a Woman in a Man’s World
Kellie Maloney. Blink Publishing, (288p) ISBN 978-1-910536-09-4

When Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender in April 2015, it was a shocking transition for many. As Bruce, she had been an Olympic athlete, a gold medal winner, and a world record holder – a veritable man’s man who had even gone onto become a successful race car driver. Really, the only things lacking from her story were football and boxing to make that transition truly shocking.

Enter Kellie Maloney and her own story – one that, for many, represents an even more shocking transition. Kellie’s story isn’t just one that began with football before moving into boxing, but one that saw Kellie rub shoulders with the like of Don King while managing Lennox Lewis to the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World. Even if more women have entered the world of professional boxing in the last decade, it’s still a sport that’s traditionally been viewed as the epitome of masculine posturing.

The opening chapter to Kellie’s story is one that strips her bear and lays her emotions upon the page. She talks of pacing her small holiday chalet in Ilfracombe, anxiously waiting for her story to come out in the Sunday Mirror, and wondering what the world’s reaction will be. It’s day of extreme anxiety, but also one of unbridled joy at the freedom to do away with the pretence and discard the illusion that was Frank Maloney. From there, Kellie takes us back to the beginning, to the life of…

Read the whole article in the June/July 2015 issue at

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Frock ‘n’ Roll – Plastic Martyr

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Plastic Martyr

Plastic Martyr…

Plastic Martyr is best known as an American transgender fashion model, actress and public figure.  She’s appeared in several reality and TV shows and she also has a few pop singles out on iTunes and Amazon.  Here’s her story…

I was born in San Diego California but reside in Los Angeles now.  It wasn’t very easy growing up in San Diego as it was a very narrow-minded place.  At school I was misunderstood by most of the parents, teachers and even the students.

I started modeling at 14 years old when a photographer asked to shoot me because of my “Quirky” style.  At the time I had bright blue hair and wore very strange outfits, most of which I dug up at local thrift stores.  After that photo was released on the internet I began getting approached by more and more photographers to do photo-shoots, then designers began contacting me and it just grew from there.  I never wanted to be a model it wasn’t something I planned on.  In fact I am pretty private and introverted…

See the whole of our brilliant Plastic Martyr photo feature in the August/September 2015 issue at

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Alaska says, “If you’re not wearing nails…

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…you are NOT doing drag!”

“If you’re not wearing nails… you are NOT doing drag!”  What do these words mean?  More than just the tagline of my hit single “Nails,” this credo is really a way of life and a sage piece of advice to any drag queen, drag princess, or drag thing – seasoned or fledgling.  But allow me to give you the backstory to this glamorous decree.  It all started in a basement dressing room in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  During a local pageant, I snuck into the dressing room…

See the rest of Alaska’s column in the August/September 2015 issue of Frock Transgender & Drag Magazine at


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Transgender Frock Chick Julia Panther

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Frock Chick,Julia Panther,transgender,drag,magazine

Transgender Frock Chick Julia Panther is lovely but perhaps a bit fierce looking!

When she’s not crawling around a photographic set all dressed to the nines she’s actually a highly trained physician from Washington DC.  But although her serious medical work is extremely important, we were wowed by her pictures too.  Here’s Julia Panther’s story…

My name is Julia Panther and I live around Washington DC.  My life is dedicated to discovering new treatments to help millions of suffering people.

I was raised in a very conservative family where even talking about transgender issues would not be an option. When I was at university I discovered the web sites of Pandora de’Pledge and Jamie Austin (Austin’s Angels) and I was completely fascinated by their magical glamour transformations.  I started to read more about transgender issues thanks to internet which was blooming.  I also realized that I have had a deeply suppressed feminine side and that there are also other transgender people like me.

After much hesitation 10 years ago, I tried to dress for the first time.  When I saw myself in the mirror it was a sort of disaster.  I almost gave it up at that point forever.  Later I started to read more about makeup techniques and glamour photography and I tried it again.  The outcome was better but still not good.  In 2006 I finally posted a few pictures at Flickr.  Surprisingly, instead of hateful comments, I received lots of encouraging support to continue from other people.  This was when Julia was born.

See this whole Frock chicks photo feature in the August/September 2015 issue of Frock Transgender & Drag Magazine at  Julia’s pictures are amazing.

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