Sunday, November 18, 2018


Love Rampage

Oh my goodness, Love Rampage was such a fun, delightful tale, I never wanted it to end. It's an absolutely perfect 21st century fairy...

Frankly Kellie Maloney

Kellie Maloney
Frankly Kellie: Becoming a Woman in a Man’s World Kellie Maloney. Blink Publishing, (288p) ISBN 978-1-910536-09-4 When Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender in April 2015,...


All too often, transgender figures in fiction are depicted as having been tormented by gender dysphoria since their earliest childhood memories. It’s almost as...

Her Kind of Man

Last year I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying His Kind of Woman by Nona Raines. It was a lovely read, a truly romantic...



Frock ‘n’ Roll – Virginia Wright

My name is Virginia Wright.  That’s “Virgin…YEAH RIGHT!” I’m a singer, songwriter and drag artist from Virginia, U.S.A.  I’m mixed race (Lao & White) and...

Meet Frock ‘n’ Roller Doomstress

Texan trans rock musician, Doomstress tells us about her unique lifestyle in the Feb/March issue at


Frock Flicks – Carl(a)

We review trans movie Carl(a) and speak to the director, Eli Hershko. Read the whole article in the the June/July 2015 issue at...
Albert Nobbs

Albert Nobbs

Transgender Tuesdays

Transgender Tuesdays

Frock Chicks

New York Frock Chick Eriel

Erial is our Frock Chick model for our New York City shoot

Frock Chicks – Jean Burtal

Frock Chicks - Jean Burtal
Jean Burtal from New York City is this month's Frock Chick Because photos, for me, and perhaps most crossdressers, are the holy grail, I will...

Frock Chick – Chelsea Von Chastity

Frock Chick - Chelsea Von Chastity
Chelsea Von Chastity in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Frock Magazine

Frock Chicks – Randi Lee Richards

Meet Frock Chick, Randi Lee Richards. Read the whole article in the the June/July 2015 issue at

What is Frock Magazine?

Frock was a free, award winning, glossy bi-monthly, digital magazine that was aimed squarely at the Transgender and Drag communities. First published in June 2009, Frock was full of Drag and Transgender-related articles, features and stories of interest to Transsexuals, Crossdressers, Drag Queens, Transvestites and Intersexed people everywhere, and it was completely free!

Over eight years (until the middle of 2017) we had published 42 issues of Frock and they are all still available in the Frock Magazine archive of back issues.  You can sign up to access the archive now by clicking here and read them all.

What’s not to like!  Go on, do it now.  You know you want to!

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Irene’s Fitting Room

In the first of an occasional series of interviews with some of the business people who support the Trans community, we talk to Christine...

New Award for Frock Magazine

Woooh!  We've just been awarded another award.  Yes, another one!!  This time we've been voted the 7th best Crossdressing Blog in the world (even...

Kathy’s Corner – Education Is The First Step

Over the last 2-3 months here in Thailand, we seem to have been having an epidemic of occurrences of Male to Female T-people (more...