About Frock

The world’s fastest growing quality transgender lifestyle magazine...

Published by The Gender Society, the most interactive transgender social network on the web, with more than a decade of experience in the trans community. Frock aims to be inspiring, entertaining and informative to transgender people and their supporters all over the world.

Frock is a trusted source of information and entertainment, encouraging readers with innovative features that reflect on the changing face of transgender culture and lifestyle with an international readership.

80-pages packed with interesting features, interviews and stories created especially for you, Frock also connects you to the wider community with mainstream content written from a trans-perspective.

Whether you want to buy the occasional single issue or you want to take advantage from all the benefits of subscribing to Frock, we warmly welcome you; Frock – the gateway into the transgender world.


Frock is a unique format, a bit like its readers

Frock is completely unique in that it is the only transgender magazine in the world that is available on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Touch, PC and Mac. Frock is also available as an online magazine complete with free magazine reader software. Both our app-based and online magazine formats are fully interactive with live links and rich media content and advertising.


Relevant, interesting advertising; trans products, services and trans friendly brands

Frock works hard to not only feature the obvious relevant trans community products and services but specially chosen big-brand advertising that recognizes and wants to reach out to transgender people. These days many big brands recognize diversity and even have diversity policies with regards to their sales, customer service and advertising.

We invite such brands to connect with our readers who they respect and value as customers. We feel it’s important that transgender people realize that some big brands actually care about minority groups as important customers and that they must reach out to you in your own media.

Some trans people are embarrassed purchase levitra us online buying certain products from certain shops or brands, let Frock be your filter; perhaps you will feel more confident in a store that has a respect policy to trans people and rather spend your money with a brand that’s ‘trannie friendly’ than one that’s not.

It’s our job to help you filter the big brands who love you and showcase them in our pages. We feel that top quality, relevant, interesting advertising is an important part of the magazine experience.

A ‘Coffee Table’ Read

The intelligent trans magazine, entertaining, informative, interesting, not sex

Whether you are out and proud or deeply closeted, we describe Frock as a ‘coffee table read’, i.e. a high quality lifestyle magazine, not a top shelf razz mag. Fock is something you would be confident leaving on your coffee table.

Sadly, the transgender community often gets a particularly bad reputation and these days, even certain terms to describe trans people have become derogatory. We all love to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing but if that’s what you are looking for, you won’t find it here at Frock.

Instead, in addition to other content we will focus on health, love, dating advice and we are aimed at partners, supporters and admirers of the transgender community but steer clear of nudity and generally anything that might be ‘distracting’!


Not everyone is out and proud just yet

We respect your privacy and your desire to be private or open with regards to the transgender lifestyle, online format gives you total privacy accessing the magazine via our special reader when you are connected to the internet, no downloads or ‘incriminating’ web links.


The magazine IS packed with live links to third party sites and advertisers that are likely to be of an obviously transgender nature and the reader assumes responsibility for their own privacy when clicking links from within each magazine.

Read our privacy policy for more information.