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How to be featured in 'Frocking All Over The World'...

In this section of Frock Magazine we highlight a different trans person from a different country in each issue. You will need to be extremely passable as a female and very good looking. You'll also need to have some great hi-res photos (300dpi+), preferably professionally shot.

If you satisfy the above criteria and would like to be featured in a future issue of Frock Magazine, please fill out the form below and then upload some of your best photos. Please tell us who took your photos so we can give them a photo credit and please make sure the photographer has given permission for use.

Please send the largest and best quality photos you have and please, no nudity or rude photos.

Please also tell our readers a bit about your life as a trans person in the town or city where you live, in about 600 words (max).

If you have high quality professional photos, you can also apply to be featured in various other sections of Frock Magazine, like Frock Chicks for example, and if you are a transgender musician or are in a transgender band, talk to us about being featured in our Frock 'n' Roll section. Please just drop us a line to editor@frockmagazine.com

And don't despair if your pics are not professional or if you don't think you're quite stunning enough to be in this section. We have a section for those who's pics are not quite up to professional standard, called The Frockford Files. You can fill out your own Frockford File by going to this page and you may well end up in a future issue of Frock Magazine.

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