How to Write for Frock Magazine and the Frock Web Site

If you are a budding author or journalist with an interest in Transgender things and/or drag, please consider submitting some of your articles for the Frock web site and you’ll bring your work to a wider audience.

Frock is the most widely read Trans and Drag magazine in the world today so writing for us could be a real feather in your cap.  We can’t promise that every item submitted on our site will make it into the magazine because there are so many factors involved but if you don’t submit anything that will be definitely prevent you from being seen in Frock Magazine or on our very popular web site.

Frock is generally a free magazine so consequently, we are unable to pay for contributions.  If you’re okay with that then read on.

Submissions should be between 2000 and 7000 characters in length.  We suggest order levitra from canada that you write your article using a word processing program like Microsoft Word and check the number of characters as you go.  Then save your piece before you submit it.

You can then fill out our little submission form below and paste your article into the appropriate box.  That way, if something goes wrong, you won’t lose it.

If you want, you can also add a ‘Featured Image’ to go with your article, in JPG, GIF or PNG format but please ensure that it is royalty free and provide the photographer’s name so we can include a Photo Credit.

When you’ve submitted your piece it will be proofed by one of our Editors and if everything is good, it’ll be published on the site within a couple of days.  In some cases it may also appear in Frock Magazine!

Now, go to it!

Thanks, Katie