My Transvestite Addictions

My Transvestite Addictions
Jack/Jacquelina A. Sheila., Inc., (400p) ISBN 978-1626463257

Subtitled as it is, “The Story of One Individual’s Odyssey through Crossdressing, Alcohol, Escorts, Strippers, Sex, and Money,” My Transvestite Addictions really doesn’t leave much to the imagination. It’s an extraordinarily candid look at the life experiences of Jack/Jacquelina, alternately amusing and horrifying, cautionary and inspiring.

The story begins with the harsh contrast between a 10 year old lying in the comfort of his own bed, full of innocent prayers for God to turn him into a girl overnight, and 47 year old laying on the cold floor of a jail cell, tortured by questions about what left him broken and bleeding . . . and where he goes from there. It’s a shocking buy levitra 20 mg contrast, and one that serves to set our expectations for what’s to follow.

Make no mistake, both Jack & Jacquelina are responsible for actions that many readers may find distasteful, but you can’t help but understand – and even appreciate – the thoughts, feelings, and desires behind those acts. We may shy away from stories of anonymous, public sex; heavy drinking; acts of violence, and dangerous, expensive indulgences with transsexual escorts; but we can’t help but confront the doubts, feelings, and insecurities behind them. Clearly, we don’t all deal with our issues in the same way, but there’s a commonality to our issues that’s important.

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