Frock 042

Hoorah! New issue of Frock Magazine for April & May now published!

Whoopie!  Your new Frock is here and it can’t wait to see you.

Yes, it’s another packed issue of Frock Magazine!  In this issue we make the case for hosiery, Drag Race star Joslyn Fox visits Frock Towers, Antoinette Dickinson steps up to the plate to be our Frock Chick and we find out what the Invasion of the Pines is all about (it’s a crossdressing thing). In the T-Party, FtM guy Byron Kimball offers up a lesson for Trans Americans surviving in the land of Trump and Stana from Femulate tells us why she stopped pretending to be a woman.

There’s all the usual stuff too, like The FrockFord files, Frock Books and Kathy’s Corner.  Read it now and jump headlong into the world of Transgender and Drag.

And remember, Frock is FREE for desktop computers (Windows PCs, Macs, Linux, etc) and nearly free for mobile devices.

The App version of Frock, for tablets and Smartphones is very cheap and available here!

Now, there’s a good girl – go and hop into your Frock!