The Amazing Photography of Thomas Evans

Thomas Evans

My name is Thomas Evans and I’m a New York City photographer and co-creator of the international HIV Equal campaign. Photography is my passion and is my gift. I believe that a photo can be just as important in a person’s life as a memory. A photo helps a memory live forever.

I was born in Westchester, NY and now reside in Manhattan as the proud father of two kittens who are my favorite models. They are always willing to go nude for little pay.

When I reflect on my work I realize that the lines between masculine and feminine energy were blurred for me as a gay child. Let’s just say, I played with dolls while wearing cowboy boots. True story. I was ten years old and it was the 1980s. I had long shaggy brown hair; think Heather Locklear from TJ Hooker. I remember my mom taking me to work with her on her highway levitra online drugstore coffee truck overlooking a construction site. The workers were the best customers. I sat in the truck’s passenger seat and was awed by the all the hyper masculine men. One walked up to place his order, eyed me in the passenger seat and said, “Aren’t you a pretty girl.” I was shocked silent. I didn’t correct him. I was both embarrassed and in awe of my power.

In school I was bullied. Thinking they were cute, guys would come up to me and ask, “Are you a boy or a girl?” just to be mean. Unconsciously I was playing with gender just by being myself, I guess.

Now let’s skip ahead 15 years. I found myself on the opposite extreme of the gender spectrum. The dolls were done and I wanted to be a modern day GI Joe. I came out in my 20’s and observed hyper masculine gay men around me getting attention.

Katie Glover

Katie has been working in journalism since 1990 and having had a bit of a career in broadcasting she eventually went into online journalism in the early 2000's, running the popular 'Tranny Tribune' newsletter back when Tranny was still a nice word.Since then she has risen to the dizzying heights of Editor of Frock Magazine, which she helped to start in 2009.
Katie Glover