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Frock ‘n’ Roll – Plastic Martyr

Frock ‘n’ Roll – Plastic Martyr
Plastic Martyr

Plastic Martyr…

Plastic Martyr is best known as an American transgender fashion model, actress and public figure.  She’s appeared in several reality and TV shows and she also has a few pop singles out on iTunes and Amazon.  Here’s her story…

I was born in San Diego California but reside in Los Angeles now.  It wasn’t very easy growing up in San Diego as it was a very narrow-minded place.  At school I was misunderstood by most of the parents, teachers and even the students.

I started modeling at 14 years old when a photographer asked to shoot me because of my “Quirky” levitra usa style.  At the time I had bright blue hair and wore very strange outfits, most of which I dug up at local thrift stores.  After that photo was released on the internet I began getting approached by more and more photographers to do photo-shoots, then designers began contacting me and it just grew from there.  I never wanted to be a model it wasn’t something I planned on.  In fact I am pretty private and introverted…

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