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A Chat about Chat Sites

There is a classic 1953 movie on crossdressing entitled ‘Glen or Glenda’, by American Director Ed Wood. It’s a must see for anyone interested in nineteen fifties crossdressing.  It touches on suicide, psychiatric descriptions of transvestites, the awkwardness of buying female clothes, plus fetishes and perversion.

The star is a closet crossdresser who wrestles with the problem of whether to tell his girlfriend that he dresses. It is an Ed Wood classic as it ends happily when the girlfriend willingly hands over her angora jumper to her now liberated crossdressing boyfriend. Ed Wood was well known for making rotten movies but this film stands out as a valid attempt to depict the times he lived in.

At no time in this film is there a mention of any sexual activity with another Transgender person. The star only meets with another crossdresser. This actor sits comfortably at home in a frock smoking his pipe, discussing the leading actor’s dilemma in how to tell his girlfriend that he is a crossdresser. Everything is harmless with no hint of any attraction of the man in a frock to another man.

Step forward fifty years and Transgender people are bombarded with pressure to have intimate sex.  Whether this is a natural progression from the sexual repression of the fifties or the result of sexploitation by the porn industry is too hard for me to answer. One fact is that men are most attracted to visual stimulation on line or in face to face encounters.

Another common fact is that one of the biggest users of Transgender chat sites is the male admirer. There are not many Tgirls who have not encountered the male admirer on line. While the majority of male admirers offer no offence, a minority pester Trans people for sex. The talk normally opens with, “Hi my name is blabla would you like to see my cam?” The open cam inevitably has a male naked body with the inevitable erect private member. If you refuse to chat or watch, there is often the crude response.

As this pestering happens to genetic females also, maybe it is asking too much of male admirers to stop pestering Trans people who may look exactly like genuine females. On some Transgender sites the male admirers often outnumber Transgender members. Many of these admirers declare openly their preference for Transgender females as they try to chat up and arrange meetings with Tgirls for sex.

Another fact is that online chat sites do attract Tgirls who are attracted to men only. You only have to read the chat to find the girls who like sex with men or enjoy teasing the male admirer. Their profiles also stipulate their preferences for men. These active girls can dominate sites as they have many followers among the male admirers who are vocal.

This activity is not one-sided though, as some Tgirls adopt the clothes and mannerisms of a porn star. Many are gorgeous and sexy Tgirls who have a long history of sexual encounters with men and other Trans people. This suits the male admirer as his pursuit of the image of the Tgirl porn star sometimes becomes a reality.

This made me think that the natural progression from male to female could result in a desire to experience sex as a woman with a protective male. A large number of Tgirls who pass as female have gender reassignment surgery in order to have sex as a female. Many have found the right male lover and refuse to have any sexual relations with any other Tgirl as they have found their ultimate partner. This fact happened long before online sites appeared so it could be argued that for large numbers living with a man as a genetic woman is a natural progression of the Transgender journey from male to female.

However, there is proof that some chat sites promote sexploitation of their Transgender members. These are the sites that offer chat by subscription and also provide private cams from professional Tgirls at an additional price. These pay per view cam sites often fund Transgender web sites. Once a Tgirl learns she is attractive to men it’s just a short step to earning quick money. I’ve seen many glamorous Tgirls over the years who have progressed from posting attractive pictures on amateur sites to becoming shemale porn stars that you can only see at a price.

The unfortunate fact is that many Tgirls live a lonely life often in poverty with prostitution, including online porn, providing a living in those societies that do not accept Transgender folk. A quick look at the girls on cam porn sites shows that the majority are from countries in Asia where there is a history of minorities selling themselves for sex in order to survive.  This isolation and exploitation can occur in any country though.

Other sites seem to offer the Transgender girl a chance to show her pics and videos. Once a girl has loaded her material online, the site adds pornographic downloads of professional Tgirls having sex with men in continuous feeds of GIFs and cams with links to more pornographic oriented web pages with even more links to paid pornographic sites.

Needless to say many Tgirls succumb to this insatiable appetite for shemale porn in that they submit pictures of themselves naked or semi-naked to satisfy admirers desires.  These numerous admirers readily provide money for a view of pornographic acts on line, if asked. In effect, these often younger Tgirls become men in a wig and makeup as mostly appear naked or in lingerie to satisfy the male admirer’s demands for shemale porn.

In summary, the main issue here is that any newcomer to the Transgender online world has to work through many minefields. Gone are the days of Ed Wood’s movie when Transgender people met to innocently discuss fashion or problems with passing as female. An innocent meeting can turn into something totally different today.