Frock Magazine Issue #038 – Published in June 2016

Yikes, the new issue of Frock Magazine for the rest of June, July and a little bit of August 2016 is out and proud at and it’s FREE for desktop computer users!! Here are some of the highlights in this very international issue…

Our Frock Chick in this issue is the gorgeous Stephanie Wardlow from Arkansas and Frocking All Over The World takes us to Johannesburg in South Africa where we meet the lovely Nicole Louw.

Drag artiste Kitty Tray from the UK, shows us some of the people she can be (are there are lots).  You’ll be most impressed when you see the pictures.

Alicia Perry is a Transgender levitra online buy radio presenter in Northern Ireland and not just a pretty face, our regular columnist Katherine Hamilton tries to pass down under when she takes a trip to Australia and we celebrate with the Wildside girls of Las Vegas as they hit their ten year milestone.

There’s heaps more too in this 82 page issue of Frock, your gateway to the world of Transgender and Drag.

And remember it’s FREE for desktop computers (Windows PCs, Macs, Linux, etc) and nearly free for mobile devices.  The App version for tablets and Smartphones is very cheap and available here

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