Home Covers Frock Magazine Issue #37 – Published in April 2016

Frock Magazine Issue #37 – Published in April 2016

Frock Magazine Issue #37 – Published in April 2016

The April 2016 issue of Frock Magazine was published back in April 2016.  Here are some of the highlights…

* Walt Heyer is almost unique within the Transgender community. Find out why and hear his amazing story in this issue of Frock.

* Drag Race star and Frock columnist Alaska tells us what TV to watch

* Trans stand up comic, Jaye McBride tells about her life on the New York cheap levitra prescription comedy circuit

* Drag photographer Morgan le Shade shows off some of his photos of the drag queens of Tampa

* Daniella Argento saves us the pain of using an epilator for the first time by doing it herself and reporting back to us about the experience

* And we gate-crash a Transgender wedding in Las Vegas.

There’s loads more too.

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Katie Glover

Katie has been working in journalism since 1990 and having had a bit of a career in broadcasting she eventually went into online journalism in the early 2000's, running the popular 'Tranny Tribune' newsletter back when Tranny was still a nice word.Since then she has risen to the dizzying heights of Editor of Frock Magazine, which she helped to start in 2009.
Katie Glover