What’s all this Sissy stuff about?

My name is Charlotte Haven and I am a 27 year old Engineer, Sissy, Crossdresser and/or T-Girl from Gosport, Hampshire in the UK.  I have been interested in crossdressing since I was in my mid-teens.

I remember watching a programme on TV and for a joke they made the male contestants
dress as females. I don’t know why or how, but when I watched it I became very aroused
and slightly jealous that I wasn’t wearing what they were wearing. From then on I was
hooked. I did all the standard things like stealing lingerie from my sister and trying on outfits
when my parents were out, and the more I tried the clothes on, the more I felt great.
I also remember a time when I was round at a girlfriend’s house and she wanted to put
make-up on me. I was 15 and although I was secretly wearing women’s clothes and the
odd bit of lipstick on occasion, I had never properly been given a makeover. She did my
make-up fully and put me in a dress and then, when I looked in the mirror I loved the
reflection. My man mode had been eradicated and I loved the person I was transformed

By my late teens, I had started going out with my male friends and the crossdressing kind
of took a step back. I had also been pushed into joining the Navy, as I didn’t really know
what I wanted to do as a career. During the six years I spent in the Royal Navy, I met a
girl and got married. With buy generic vardenafil hindsight, I should really have been honest early in our relationship,
and told her about my urges to want to dress and act like a girly girl on occasion.
However, at the time I was ashamed and buried my feelings. It was only a year after I
finally got married and left the Navy that I finally told her about Charlotte.

Initially she was shell shocked and very upset and felt like she had not married the man
she thought she had, which was fully understandable, I guess. However, after talking and
reassuring her of my love for her, she decided to let me dress occasionally.
I was so happy! I could order some nice dresses and feel comfortable enough to wear
them around her. I would class myself as a sissy as I love all those frilly sissy clothes and
all of the delightful fabrics they come in. Don’t get me wrong though. I love wearing
standard pretty female clothes, but I also love OTT sissy clothes and the reactions from all
my fans when they see me in a big frothy, frilly sissy dress… lol.

So for the last three years my dressing and acting like a female has increased. Initially it was very few and far between as it took my wife a long time to adjust. But slowly over the past few years I’ve been able to dress more often and also delve into other things…

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