Why does the world need a Transgender friend?

Remember the times when girls wanted to have a gay best friend (G.B.F.)? Not that long ago all women wanted a G.B.F. to go shopping with, measure their waist, do yoga and all that stereotypical stuff. The recent wave of openness towards transgender people makes us wonder if the world is ready for a new type of friend, the Transgender Best Friend (T.G.F.).

Gay friends ‘sold out’ and girls snatched them quicker than the latest nail polish, but how will the cookie crumble with Trans friends? As endearing as your friendship proposal might be, get one thing right from the very beginning: don’t go around calling them your Trans friend. Not even if you’re gay, it’s still not cute!  The G.B.F. was offensive enough.  There is no need to repeat past mistakes. The easiest way to get closer with Transgender men and women is if you don’t stick the Trans label on anyone’s forehead. See them as just men and women, your equals. If you still have second thoughts, here are the top reasons that today’s world needs a Transgender friend.

1. Positive attitude. These people have been through a lot. It can be noticed that regardless of age, most Transgender people have had plenty of life experience. They’ve been through ups and downs, several coming out stages and most of them took their lives in their own hands and managed it quite well. They fought oppression, put up with order levitra overnight delivery bulling and are still dealing with ignorance, yet their inner beauty shines. Who does not want a friend with such a ‘can do’ attitude?

2. Support. The world had its back turned to Transgender men and women for centuries.  It portrayed little understanding and acceptance, however their community is built on such a strong support system.  Trans friends are some of the most genuine and supportive friends one can encounter. Whenever you feel alone, they will be there to remind you that you can have the world. When you are in doubt, they will be there to show you your true colours. You are in good hands!

3. Authenticity. Might sound like a silly reason, but look closer: they had to find themselves deeper than anyone else and went into the deep pits of their soul to bring out their authentic self. Not identifying with what society tell us, is not strange feeling to any of us. When you have a friend who lives the life they desire and disregards outdateed norms, you feel empowered just by being around them. Imagine how encouraged you will be to live an authentic life, follow your dreams, and listen to your heart.

There are plenty more reasons but it will spoil the fun of discovering one another as friends. Open your arms, don’t call them your T.B.F. and long lasting friendships will come your way. Look beneath gender and appearances to find friendship.